Middletown Wellness Collaborative
Mind, Body, Spirit

Middletown Wellness Collaborative

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Welcome to Middletown Wellness Collaborative

Where We Offer Holistic Healing Solutions Under One Roof

Achieve complete healing for your mind, body, and spirit with Middletown Wellness Collaborative. Our group is comprised of experienced psychotherapists and an APRN prescriber who work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. We also have licensed massage therapists and yoga teachers with years of experience. Moreover, our practitioners offer meditation and sound healing.

Our holistic health practitioners operate in one location in order to provide multiple options for our wide range of customers. Get in touch with us in Middletown, Connecticut to schedule an appointment.

Our Vision

As a group of like-minded and experienced practitioners providing wellness services to our community, we are focused on promoting the values and beliefs of the group i.e., professionalism, respect, and cooperation with each other. 

Our Mission

We at the Middletown Wellness Collaborative seek to provide holistic resources for those in need in the community. By sharing our expertise within a supportive environment practicing loving-kindness, we magnify the ripple created by positive change.

We strive to be "the one place" for those seeking a healthier and more harmonious lifestyle or a balanced life.